Wednesday, March 31, 2010

LL Cool J and Sarah Palin "REAL" American Stories

So, LL Cool J is featured in a commercial for Sarah Palin's new Fox News show "Real American Stories" and he's not really happy about it. LL Cool J supposedly tweeted that he had not done an interview for the new Sarah Palin show and that the footage shown was from a 2008 interview he did for some other show. Apparently, Fox News says that that footage for taken in 2008 for the show "Real American Stories" that is just now being aired in 2010. Check out this commercial for the latest number one rated show in America soon to be the most watched show in the WORLD and the KNOWN UNIVERSE!!!

This is a quote from the LL Cool J tweet!:

"Fox lifted an old interview I gave in 2008 to someone else & are misrepresenting to the public in order to promote Sarah Palins Show. WOW."

Also, Polk Records and Streight Angular are in Brooklyn this weekend. Check out this blog by Mercy Bell called gotta find a new place where the kids are hip there is post about the the Don Pedro show this Saturday with StreightAngular!

Streight Angular in Brooklyn!!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Champagne Castle II and Lucy Watson!

Probably the best show to come out of Boston in recent history was called Champagne Castle. Supposedly a brain child of The Real Life Time Machines. Some how it only lasted two episodes. The last episode Champagne Castle !! is probably the best way to leave viewers. We will always wonder what if there was an episode three? What if the Helms still played basement shows? What ever happened to Lucy Watson?

Champagne Castle Episode 2 from Chico Eastridge on Vimeo.

Monday, March 29, 2010

q lazzarus and viva viva

hey! haven't posted in a while.

COMING up! Wednesday night (March 31st) we have Viva Viva, Doomstar!, Ketman and Guillermo Sexo at The Middle East Upstairs!
Show starts at 8PM and it's $9, 18+! Maybe I explained this some time before.. but seriously, seriously seriously.. If you have not eaten at The Middle East, DO IT! Their veggie burger and fries could satisfy even the bloodiest of carnivores.

There's a lot more shows coming up so don't forget to check the calendar.

Oh, what was that? What am I listening to these days, well jeez.. I'd be happy to tell you.
I recently heard of this band called A Sunny Day in Glasgow and they kind of rule.. a lot. It's my perfect music. I was listening to the track Close Chorus of their album Ashes Grammar and I felt like angels were whispering in my ear many ways I could be a better person.
They actually played SXSW but I haven't had the chance to ask any of the boys that ran off to Austin for the festival if any of them caught 'em.
Here's a great live video from SXSW... I could die to this song.
A Sunny Day in Glasgow - Emo's Annex, SXSW
A friend from The Decibel Tolls threw that at me the other day and I pretty much fell apart.
I've also been listening to a lot of Mount Eerie (nothing out of the ordinary) and Peaking Lights. and if ya haven't heard of them, maybe check 'em out? My music taste has been hopping around a bit lately. Just sayin... I've been working out to Andrew WK lately. It's the most fun I think I could have besides actually partying hard.

Well.. I'll leave you with this... I honestly believe everyone should be listening to this song once a week. Or bi-weekly. Something regular. see ya lata

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wikipedia is Down and only The Jesus Lizard can save it!

The Jesus Lizard probably put more into their show than any other band of their time, maybe of our time. Watch this video, when the lead singer, David Yow, gets a bottle to the face and gets knocked down to the floor. Will he be ok? Will he get up and sing again? or is he down for the count and needs emergency help from the nearest hospital. Watch and see!

This photo: is of David Yow with his new band Qui.

oh and Wikipedia finally died! May she rest in peace! Wikipedia

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 5: SxSw : The Search for Andrew W.K. , 21st Street Co-op and "Hi, How are You?"

(Note: The writer of this blog, was delayed in writing up to the minute information due to that fact of driving for 41 hours straight from Austin, Tx to Boston, MA. The story is a long one, but this is the last night and after recovering from all the crazy hours and abuse in every known way, here we are writing once again.)

We left the garage loaded with all our gear, suitcases, garbage and with three extra people. In the small dark Scion there was Chris, Regina, Evan (The Points North) , Paul, Andrew and Al who was at the wheel. They slowly went down garage ramps toward the exit, waiting to see the attendants face when their eyes came across this menagerie on wheels. For some reason there was no one in the garage attendants booth and the gate was open, so we quickly made our way out of the garage and into the street.

Al drove as smoothly and as stealthily as possible by 3 or 4 state troopers with their typical large brimmed hats and slowly but surely made it to 21st Street, but then had to find parking. He managed to find a beautiful spot that someone was pulling out of very near to the 21st Street CO-op. He parallel parked the car with ease while the motley crew inside the car were being more annoying than helpful.

They had arrived!

As the group walked down 21st street it was evident that this secret Andrew W.K. party/show was really no secret at all. In fact when we arrived at the gates of the appartment complex the lawn, the walkways , the stairs , the sidewalks the rooms and the roofs were all filled with eager indie bohemians! There was no where to go except into the crowd.. The group immediately split up trying to makes sense of the mayhem. Al, went his way with his video camera on a mission to document everything he saw, which included a fight between what looked like a male shirtless security guard and a punk girl with a bull nose ring through her septum. The girl was trying to get up the stairs, to a place that seemed like everyone was (perhaps this is where Andrew W.K. would play). The male guard did not want to let her through, so he kept keeping her away with his leg. The girl finally gave up the struggle cursed at him and walked away. But as soon as she was leaving the guard swore at her calling her a "fat bitch". This was the wrong move, cuz the girl came back after him with such a force that they almost went up the two flights of stairs fighting and flailing about like animals. People tried to break it up, but it really became a spectacle. Al moved on to find some answers, as to whether or not Andrew W.K. was really going to play that night.

Andrew and Paul had stayed back with the group who seemed to be astonished and amazed at the on goings of the night. There were literally hundreds of kids everywhere. Andrew seems to have left the group also wanting to find a way into the show.

Al was able to get upstairs and find out that if Andrew W.K. was going to perform, that he would be doing it in a small room that already contained a stage.

The 21st Street Coop as Al learned from some kids on the stairs, is a place that always puts on parties and shows for the local community. They are always pretty wild and many times have free booze.

Al, made his way to another staircase that led right to the platform of the entrance of the 21st Street Venue. There were hundreds of people pushing and trying to get into the room. There were two girl guards at the top of the stairs who were fighting back aggressive boys with punches and pushes. There was no stopping this whirlwind of bodies. There Al saw Michael Potvin of #1 Dad and DJ Fred Mertz fame, holding a video camera as well and documenting the whole mess. Andrew made his way to the staircase and so did James. We all tried our best to get to the door of the show.

Al, finally made it past the guards by acting oblivious and handing out free StreightAngular stickers. When, he got to the door he had to make friends with two cool male guards who had been keeping things under control. It really was a sight to be seen. It was incredible to see such organization amongst chaos. It still was uncertain if Andrew W.K. was going to show up.

Al filmed the whole event. He got into the venue. Andrew got into the venue. James got into the venue and Michael got into the venue and the night continued to get crazier. What went down next will be out on the Polk Records in SxSw DVD coming out sometime this year.

As, they left the party later that night, Andrew, Paul, James and Al pulled up to a stop sign that was across by the most beautiful site they had ever seen. It was a mural of the Daniel Johnston cover art of "Hi, How Are You". It was on a wall across the street. Now since it was 5 AM, there was no one else on the street. The guys ran across the street like little kids, taking pictures with their cell phones and laughing all the way.

It started to rain. They were back on the road to Boston. 36 hours of travel and road awaited them. They were ready. They knew nothing was the same anymore. They knew it was only the beginning.

Friday, March 19, 2010

SxSw - Day 4: Man Oh Man Man!!!

We are coming to the end of our stay in Austin. It has been something to remember. When, starting out on this journey, we had very little information and very little expectations. We didn't know what was in store for us. Especially, between us and the road. We have come realize that there are only two things that matter: Are you going to do it or not?

Here in Austin, everything is a different. The streets are in a funny kind of grid, the people are kind, but at the same time can be as blunt as a bullet to the head. They tell you like it is and they don't hide if they don't like you.

The biggest difference between Boston and Austin is size. Austin is like 20x bigger than Boston. This makes things hard to get around. When you want to go to a show, you better be ready to commit to it. You don't have the ability to just turn around and go somewhere else, even though there many clubs right next to each other, there are hundreds of clubs (or at least it seems that way.) There is basically, live music being played on every block of Austin for miles.

Today, we decided would be our last day in Austin. We are longing to be back in our beautiful New England and really miss all the things that we hold dear there. Oh, and we need to get to work, these bands are showing us that we have a lot to learn and work to do!!!!

Today the group split up the most it has the whole time we've been down here. James went to hang out with #1 Dad in a beautiful gated community. Paul, went to busk and make some money to buy a pizza. Andrew went to find his true self on the streets and corners and just found the car and fell asleep for 4 hours. Al went to work and promote for the last time Polk Records and StreightAngular.

It was crazy how things just came together.

I walked from the garage where we parked the car to Sixth Street ready to document the whole phenomenon called SxSw.

I walked from the beginning of where the mayhem starts on sixth street which is blocked off so that people can just walk around to all the clubs and bars.

There were so many different kinds of people, just walking around and feeling groovy. Music of all kinds blearing out of the clubs that was combined by the music the street musicians were making could be seen as over stimulous , but that's what SxSw is all about it is a crazzzzzzy mess! It's the most beautiful thing ever. Imagine live music being played on every corner and in every bar, restaurant, cafe and club. The world would be a better place and being a musician would actually seem like a reasonable career.

I walked video taping for a long time, just handing out CDs until I came to stop in front of a band of five people led by a singer in a chicken mask. They played really fun music and were goofy enough to be entertaining.

Behind me on River Street was a guy holding a sign that said , "Free Hugs". A bunch of people went up to him and hugged him. I went to. It actually comforted me. It's very difficult trying to make a connection in a place where everyone is trying to be heard or seen.

While, I stood at the cross streets of River and Sixth, I overheard some really powerful music. It wasn't anything coming out of a bar, or coming from a street musician, because I looked around and saw that it didn't sound like any of them. It was actually really powerful and coming from far away. I decided to go find where it was coming from.

I walked up Sixth Street toward the expressway over pass. As, I walked there were two friends next to me that were talking about going to see Billy Bragg. I only knew Billy Brag from a song I downloaded that he made with Wilco a few years back. I thought how great it would be to see him.

As, I walked down the street I heard the singer say that it was America's duty to help make the world a better place and that we had to stop being cynical. I thought, "Wow this guy is really letting us have it!"

When, I got to the show there was a fence that surrounded the field of the concert. I followed the fence until i saw an opening. I saw the exit only sign, but that never stopped me, so, I ended up sneaking in to the "Mess with Texas" show and saw Billy Bragg, Frightened Rabbits, Man Man for free.

The show was incredible and I was amazed at how much music was available for free at SxSw. I wasn't sure what I would be able to see on a low budget, but that shows what a little determination and wit can get you in life. The show ended around 10PM and I was ready to go back to Boston. We talked of leaving at 3AM, but maybe we could get a head start on the 36 hour trip.

After the show, I met up with Andrew at the Library, a cool club with pool tables and free wifi. I didn't feel like I needed to do anything else. I had fulfilled all my desires in Austin. I met so many people, made connections, saw so many amazing bands, rocked really hard on the street, ate some really crazy food and saw a lot of smiles.

The Points North stopped by the Library and we got a tip that Andrew W.K. was going to be playing a secret free show at a Coop in Austin called the 21st Street Coop.

We had wanted to leave that night, so we decided that we would go check out the place and if it was easy and early enough it would be a great way to end our trip. Paul had arrived and we ran into James on the street.

I was so hungry that I went to by a sausage sandwich at a stand. As, I waited in line, I spoke with the man who was collecting the money. I told him, I had been there before earlier in the week and that I loved his food. I decided to give him a Streight Angular cd. He put my order in and when it was done, he said we were even and he didn't charge me for the sausage. It was incredible!

So we all walked down Sixth street for the last time and we said our good byes to the street performers and free hug givers.

James went with Michael and we went to the garage. "Wait! We have all our stuff in the car!!! We have six people who need to fit in the car. We are a little "tipsy" as Kesha would say. Are we really going to drive down to 21st street like this at Midnight in Austin on a Friday night?"

Little did, I know that my night was just beginning and that my time in Austin was going to get a lot more exciting and dangerous.

Our lives were changed forever...

A. Polk

Thursday, March 18, 2010

SxSw Day 2, 3. 4America: Porn, Christianity, Waffle House and the Points North

I just saw some of the best bands from the east coast at this Dominican Joe at 515 congress ave!

I danced, I sang, I loved. It was all at the PsychWave show in a very cool coffee shop with an outdoor patio.

When, I came into the coffee shop, I was starving so, I went to the counter to see if they had any food. I saw that they had empanadas for sale. They had two varieties: Vegan or Veggie

The Points North, good friends of Polk Records played one of the most solid sets that any band of their caliber could play on such a momentous occasion.

SxSw DAy 2 and Day 3: Daily Juice

So, last night was pretty crazy!!! REal quick run down:

Streight Angular playing on the street!

Druming in a street with steel drum band!

Seeing Spoon for free!

Going to a Barn and Seeing Math the Band and dancing!

Driving around in circles

Jumping on police cars! - Dylan Points North

Sunburns, riding bikes, too much wiskey! Stephanie Dynamite

Andrew drank Witch Hazel thinking it was a tasty beverage!

Paul, stole a Segway! (or just made fun of the Segway guy)

So many beautiful women have fallen in love with Paul on this trip it's ridiculous !!!

Meeting so many awesome people!!!

Sneaking into shows!!!

Playing music in a elevetor!!!

Paul made a dollar!

Hung out at Cheers.

Al had Whataurger fish meal!

Laser Lights!

Al ran from the cops.

CDs in mail boxes.

Pretended the graveyard was a park.

Put cds in mailboxes.

And Dylan stole a Dr. Pepper.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 1: Paul Just Showed Up!

Oh, and Paul just showed up!

Day 1: We are in!!! Blogging from inside the SxSw Austin Convention Center!

So, we made it to Austin! It took 30 hours and a lot of dedication and skill and ability and determination, but we're here.

Now Andrew and I are inside the Austin Convention Center making connections. We met this guy named Simon from the UK and he was awesome!

It's raining outside and we just came inside and met a Dj from LA. We gave him a StreightAngular CD!

We are spreading the word! This is Awesome!

- A. Polk

Monday, March 15, 2010

Texas is Far Away! A Journey of four lucky Souls

We left Boston last night at about 10pm. It's Andrew, Paul, James and Al in a car for 2000 miles. It took about 45 minutes to get on the Mass pike because of the wonderful detours that the city likes to put up for night time drivers. Luckily we had a Led Zepllin Mix to keep us in good spirits.

We drove through the pouring rain and under the black sky we journeyed through the back roads of America. We each took turns driving. Andrew and Al were up most of the night surfing through the craziest radio stations ever. They stumbled upon a station that played a 30 minute track of noise music dolled by a 47 minute track song of acid jazz. Freeform radio.

In the morning a stop at Mickey Dees and fill up on gas. James took over the wheel and Paul was copilot. A few crazy turns in Ohio, cuz we didn't trust the GPS. Daft Punk and Ke$ha make it alright.

Stopped got krispy creme donuts and coffee . Back on the road! Next stop Nashville!!

Texas here we come!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away Come Again Never!

What an amazing time was had by all at the 2010 Doing It Together Fest in Lowell, MA! Who would have thought anything so cool could happen in Lowell. Well, listen up folks, Lowell has a scene that can rival any other scene. In our eyes it's beginning to look like Seattle circa 1991 or even Boston circa 1983. This festival unlike any other brought musicians from various bands matched them up with different band members and had them create three songs in one afternoon to be performed that night! It was a huge undertaking, but it went off without to many hitches and all the bands were pretty solid. It's very impressive. One participant said that he wishes that an event like this could happen all the time. It certainly was very productive! Over all the event seemed to be a great success! We all look forward to next year!

Polk Records will be going on the road starting NOW! We will be headed down to Austin, Texas to see what SxSw film and music festival is all about. We've never been, so we don't know what to expect, but we will be running into some friends down there. Like Math the Band, The Points North, and Kid Romance! The adventures are definitely going to abound.

Hopefully, we will be able to blog everyday, who knows what kinda stuff we are going to get into, or what might happen. Stick with us and we let you know what it's all about. Just cuz you can't go this year, doesn't mean you have to be left out of the LOOP!

Tell all your friends, Polk Records is going down to help start a revolution!!! Megaphones and all!!!

Talk to you soon!

Polk Records and Friends

Friday, March 12, 2010

A Polk Records Happening and other Weekend Events

Every once in a while there is night that no matter how sick, how ill, how much swine flu one has ingested a person must venture out of their humble abode into the elements for a form of entertainment that only comes around once in a lifetime. A night that people will always remember and say, "I was there." Saturday, March 20 will be one of those nights! Left Hand Does hot off their "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" fame headline a very special Polk Records Happening. Left Hand Does will be supported by none other than A Bit Much the freshest breath of fresh air the Boston music scene has breathed in a long time. Also, performing for the first time in Boston is Night Fruit, ex-Hot Box Bass Player Amanda Dellevigne's new band. Also, the Lennon/McCartneyesque duo of Ladderlegs fame, Farley/Stewart show off their side projects Ghost in my Basement and Packrat!

Also, starting tonight will be a really fun event up in Lowell at the 119 Gallery called "Doing it Together" read more about it here! Tonight there will be an open mic with vegan food! Show starts at 7pm! Do it!

Polk Records will be going down to SxSw next week and blogging all the way through it so stay tuned to hear about the adventures.

Hope to see you at all these cool events! Don't forget to check our Polk Calendar !

Everybody is working for the weekend!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Copycat, Copycat, Copycat

Everybody loves a copycat copycat!

To quote a band that got little to no credit for their influence on the degradation of today's youth,

"So you want to be a rock and roll star
Then listen now to what I say
Just get an electric guitar
Then take some time and learn how to play"

Oh, if they would have just said , "if you wanna be a rock and roll star copy everything you see, don't be original, take someone's time and just pretend to care" maybe our music airwaves today would have been saved!

It's a shame really.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

NEW MGMT!!!!!!!!!!! The Song is - "Flash Delirium"

MGMT wanna be psychedelic but main stream. Here we go!
I think they may actually have something here!
What do you think? Let us know! Have they gone too

Listen HERE!

PS. These videos may not be available do to copyRIGHT reFRIDEGEMENTS!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers

There are certain people in this world who are really good at what they do. Then there are those people who do what no one else can do. The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers or "The LXD" are some of the best dancers in the world. Actually, maybe they are the best dancers in the world.

They recently performed a dance routine at the "Oscars" to certain nominated film scores. If you wanna see people who are gifted and talented, watch these videos. They will blow your mind!

Monday, March 8, 2010

What's going on this week and Doing IT together!

This weekend at the 119 Gallery in Lowell, MA there will be an incredible event that only happens once in a blue moon. Band members from various bands all across New England will be splitting up into groups and performing as new bands. They will have only a few hours to practice and write songs, so it should be very interesting.

This event is called Doing It Together! It is being put on by The Sock Hop! Check them out! They are a cool house that puts on special shows almost every weekend. You should come!!! Show starts at 6pm sharp on Saturday, March 13. Don't be late!! Read more at our Polk Calendar!

Here is a video from Last YEAR!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

there's a heaven and there's a star for you.

sad day..
Lead singer of Sparklehorse, Mark Linkous, committed suicide yesterday. I feel like we just lost one of the greatest artists of all time.

Check out THIS VIDEO for the song "Gold Day" off the album It's a Wonderful Life. Incredible song, incredible album, an incredible musician.. seriously.
"keep all your crows away
hold skinny wolves at bay
in silver piles of smiles
may all your days be gold my child"

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Thursday, March 4, 2010

RPM Challenge - Can a Good Album be made in a Month? and the Karate Kid!

The RPM Challenge is not for everyone. It is actually only for a few special people. In order to even consider it one must have discipline, dedication to the craft of songwriting and no when to say "Stop." Sure, that sounds easy. Anyone can have discipline. Anyone can write a song. Anyone can say stop! Oh, really. I think I can name a few people who don't have at least one of these. Notice, I did not write patience as one of the characteristics. You can't have patience. There is no time for patience. There is no time to relax. There is no time to say," I'll work on it tomorrow". There is no time to argue. There is only time to write and record. It maybe the hardest thing a musician would ever have to do: Create an album of at least 35 minutes of music and record it in 28 days.

Where do you start? How do you write a song? Do you come up with the words or the music first? How do you know when a song is finished? How long should a song be? What chords should you use? How do I know if the song is good enough to put on an album? What "sound" do you want for the song, for the album, for yourself? How should the song be sung? Tempo? Falsetto? The good news is that it can be done and it can be done well.

I recently came across an RPM Challenge album called "Taking Over the World (How, is not Important)" (2010) by Ray McNamara. This album proves that good music can be made and recorded in the span of a month and can be worthwhile and actually enjoyable to listen to.

This album for me stands out as a perfect lesson in songwriting. Songwriting is just like any other craft: It's about putting things together. In the opening track of the album "Oppenheimer's Dream" McNamara starts the album off with some jazzy drums that go into an almost Anton NewCombe slur calling someone out for their wrong doings and then he goes into a cool early 90s grunge chorus, but then suddenly the song goes from folk rock into a psychodelic epic speech. Sounds crazy, right? McNamara's voice is unmistakable from his Dylanesque phrasing throughout the album to his sweet americana twang. McNamara has a voice all his own among all these influences and it stands out on every track. His voice is actually the most enjoyable part of the album. In his song "I are. You am! We is?" he shows that he can write choruses that you can sing along to with hooks that are not forced and seem to come naturally. The upright bass is a nice touch. In "'D' Train" his story telling comes to the forefront and contains delicate boy/girl harmonies.

All his songs have transitions and things change and don't stay the same. An example of this is the song "Longevity." A song that starts with a simple bass line and evolves into drum swells and harmonies of brilliance that build as the chorus comes through. "Maybe we should drive to Argentina, or at least drive until the car dies, maybe we should make a documentary because there is no longevity. All you need is sunshine." It's fantastic and creates rays of light with sound. It is the best track on the album followed closely by "Serena" a song of heartbreak and loss.

The recording is very humble. You can hear the creaking of hands over guitars and room noises like people hammering nails into walls and the hiss of a tape deck. The harmonies on this album are as lush as any recording that someone would spend thousands of dollars trying to make. It shows that in order to make something good all it takes is a good ear, some dedication, talent and time not auto tune. - A. Polk

Listen: "Taking Over the World (How, is not Important)" (2010) by Ray McNamara.

IN other news:

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ain't No Rest for the Wicked

So, we started a new decade not so long ago and seems that things are only getting better. We, the people, are all working together to help make the world a better place. Here are some examples:

star wars rules

Hey guys. This has nothing to do with anything but everything to do with all of this.

pure talent, obv.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Late Night Funnies!

Peelander-Z in play in the Street!

Battle of the Awkward Pageant Queens

Surfer Blood in the Studio!

Gorillaz Do It Again!

The first single off of the Gorillaz latest album ,"Plastic Beach" dropping in the USA on March 9, 2010, has probably the best chorus hook of the millennium. It's sung by Bobby Womack of "I wish he Didn't Trust Me so Much" fame. The song is titled "Stylo" and if it is any indication of what this album is going to sound like dance halls, clubs and djs beware this album is going to be in heavy rotation! The song is like a jolt of dance dirty magic. The groove is so thick and the bass line is infectious. The beat is on point. Damon Albarn's voice is just as rock and roll as ever. Mos Def has an almost inaudible contribution to the song just filling in the gaps.

All this is great, but it's the chorus that is the most impressive. It's totally original. The story goes that Bobby Womack was against the project until his daughter said that she really liked the Gorillaz and thought it would be a good idea for him to collaborate on the track. He went into the studio and they told him just to sing whatever he felt. He decided to really just let it all out about politics, love, the world everything. He was in the studio for about an hour when he suddenly fainted. Bobby is a diabetic and it seemed that his blood sugar was low, so they gave him a "banana" and he woke up after a few minutes.

This is what he sang:

there’s only one way,
let it pray a little while longer,
it’s got a way of passing through man and woman,
in another world,
in another world in the universe.
right now here’s what we got to do,
it’s its love of electric,
it’ll be flowing on the streets,
night after night,
just to get through the week,
sometimes it’s hard.

The story already seems legendary. Give the song a listen and see what you think.

Watch the "Stylo" HD Video starring Bruce Willis.

Tonight, the Darker Hues, Ladderlegs and Red Quiet at TT's The Bears, be there.

Monday, March 1, 2010

What's going on this week and Tron 2!

What a weekend! It seems like fun was had by all. Let's start the month off right with a little excitement. There are two incredible shows going on this week and check out the Polk Records Calendar for more exciting shows this MONTH!

The first show happens tonight at the Middle East Upstairs: Peelander Z w/Math the Band, Ananamguchi, StreightAngular. Get there early show starts at 8pm with Streight Angular they are playing a short set before the place goes Gonzo!

The second show happens tomorrow night at TT the Bears Place with The Darker Hues. The show starts at 9:00pm with Dead Ellington, Red Quiet, and our very own Ladderlegs. 18+ $7. We hear Red Quiet has something sinister hidden up their dirty sleave, you won't want to miss it.

Also, don't forget to go to the Tavern At the End of the World this thursday night. There's always something going on and the juke box is sick.

This is just the first week of March. This month is sure to bring more excitement. On March 20 there will be a Polk Records Happening at O'briens with Left Hand Does, A Bit Much, Night Fruit, Packrat and Ghost In my Basement there's more information here.

Polk Records is planning on going down to SxSw and we will be blogging about all we see down there so stay tuned. It's gonna be crazy!!!

Also, if entertainment news, if you haven't already heard there is a new Tron movie coming out called Tron Legacy. It's being put out by Disney "Satan Incarnate" and will have a soundtrack that was scored by no other than Daft Punk. I have a feeling that indie and commercial will soon have a merger and be one and the same very soon. Wait did that already happen?.... Anyway check out the sites and the Tron Legacy trailer it's bound to excite you.

Check out the track "Fragile" from the Tron Legacy soundtrack by Daft Punk.