Monday, September 24, 2012

Billie Joe Armstrong gives iHeartRadio and Justin Bieber the finger!

Whoa! Things got REAL for the iFeart radio Music Festival,oh um I mean the iheartradio music festival. I guess there is only so much people can take when they are pushed around and made to be cartoons of their former selves . Especially, Billie Joe Armstrong, a punk rocker who himself said "I've been around since fuckin' 1980fuckin8" Some people are so up in arms about what he said about Green Day not being Justin Bieber or how Billie put it, "I'm not fuckin Justin Bieber you motherfuckers" after their set was cut short do to Usher going 30 mins over his set. Rihanna was supposed go on after Green Day. That seems like the worst musical sandwich ever. Who would ever want to eat that? Anyways, Billie Joe let loose and told the audience in Las Vegas exactly how he felt. He dropped tons of F-Bombs all over their young impressionable faces and minds. It all started while the band was in the middle of their 1994 mega hit "Basket Case" and Billie Joe saw the teleprompter said they only had one minute left. This just could not stand. Green Day is too big for this and too important. So, Billie Joe stopped the band and used his words. You could tell by the reaction of the audience to their performance that most of the crowd was sorta into it, but mostly bored. They did cheer while he ranted though. Either way Billie Joe seems to have accidently or intentionally pulled a great punk rock move. Clear Channel says they had nothing to do with the shortening of Green Days set and iheartradio celebrated Billie Joe's reaction as a "monumental" event in recent punk rock history. Billie Joe has since gone to rehab. They are about to release a bunch of albums. Wonder how the world will react to this news. Seems like if Green Day were true to themselves they wouldnt back down. The media called this a "meltdown." I see it more like alcohol helping someone be honest once again. You be the judge. - A. Polk

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Watch the vid yo!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Did Amanda Palmer just use Kickstarter to get into the Billboard 200?

Now, thats a cool idea. Use Kickstarter to help your band get into the Top 200 on the Billboard charts. Cool idea. Kodos! Unless we're reading it wrong, sales from the Kickstarter (donations) were tallied as album sales for Amanda Palmers new album. Did we read it wrong? Either way Great job A Fuckin P. The internet wins again! Read the list for yourself. Billboard 200