Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Music - A Bit Much - Jon's Birthday #30

Here we go again! A Bit Much are back and bigger and more sporadic than ever.

There latest single "You're too Old" is a journey through pop music history and maybe even taking a little from Baroque Classical period.

Very energetic and all over the place in a good way, A Bit Much wow with their musical prowess. Horns, timpani, and strings abound! (See what other instruments you can pick out, there are a bunch!)

"Your just a baby Darlin'" transports to New Orleans ragtime and swing era rhythms and a very nice presentation of the the best things in music from the last century. What a tribute to the greats of our time who actually wrote songs who cared about the marriage of words and music.

If you want adventure and a challenge then it's time to get into A Bit Much. They will take you places you only have dreamed.

You can listen/download the new songs for a limited time only at their Bandcamp page. Hey what are you waiting for? DO IT!

They are having the single release party this Friday at the Milky Way in Jamaica Plain, MA. Be there! Info below:

This taken from the Facebook Event Page

A monumental day indeed! Jon Glancy, drum kit bludgeoner/cymbal enthusiast extraordinaire, is turning 30. In celebration of his tri-decennalia, A bit Much will be releasing the second in our single series: JON'S BIRTHDAY #30 featuring "You're Too Old" b/w "You're Just A Baby, Darlin'." The single will be available in a special one-day only package honoring Jon's continued existence (it will also be available digitally and in an alternate package for future consumers).

The single is the first recording to feature our new low-end rumbler, Abram Taber. It also features a smattering of guest musicians including Bryan Murphy (The Shills, Trabants), Seth Bailin (Ex-Goosepimp Orchestra, ex-Sinbusters, President Soup), Susan Putnins (The Sinister Turns), Morgan Evans-Weiler and more!

Joining us for this outpouring of laughter, sweat and tears will be:




Rating Key
1 POLK- Don’t Bother
2 POLKs- Give it a listen or two
3 POLKs - Make part of your daily routine
4 POLKs - Must Own, Buy, Illegally Download NOW!
5 POLKs - Don’t tell anyone about it (it’s your personal treasure)